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Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

NACI's search engine optimization service uses proven strategic Internet webpage optimization techniques to make your website SEO-friendly -- get your webpage indexed and crawled in depth and get listed on the top of search results.

Traffic is the life of a website -- your business site particularly. We'll uncover the most effective keywords and keyword phrase queries for each of your constituencies -- to let your potential visitors find your site easily through Google search. Your site can be listed on top 10 position on Google and Yahoo!. We undertake the task of modifying your WebPages as long as providing you professional advice on your website structure. In a month or two, you'll see your site staying on the top of Google search results page. 

Your cost to hire us to complete this search engine campaign is minimum.  Please drop us a mail to get the best quote. We are confident you will be happy with your proud website position. Congratulations to you!



News: A book in Chinese about search engine optimization is to be published in Fall 2006. See here.

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