North America Commerce International (USA, Canada, Australia, China) Co.

About the Company

North America Commerce International (NACI) was founded in Toronto, Canada initially as an international long distance services agent in 1997. International telephone solution has long been the company's flag-ship service that enjoys worldwide reputation. In 1997, NACI started her adventure in providing Internet web hosting service in China. Meanwhile, NACI added her Australian subsidiary Fitmaster Security, Inc., marketing security garage doors in Australian market. In 1998, NACI moved to Vancouver and established her world headquarters there. NACI markets Callture-Telcan's callback service which was patened at the Canadian telecommunication technology center in Toronto, Ontario. At the turn of the century, NACI started focusing on developing affordable toll free phone service in US, Canada and over 35 countries. In 2004, NACI opened its offices in Beijing and Shanghai, China.

NACI's telecom service clients include individual customers, who are travelers, international students, military service personnel, and any ones who are in need of getting touch with their relatives around the world. Non-profit organizations, such as Peace Corps overseas branch offices and foreign embassies in Beijing use our service to cut their international telecommunication budget. Multi-national corporate users have found their annual business cost in their international long distance including phone calls and faxes have been significantly reduced by using our callback, dial-around and toll-free services. 

NACI's experts are also specialized in Internet marketing including website design, site promotion through search engine optimization, online marketing strategy, and so on. 

In 2003, NACI launched international travel and hostelling services. It acquired the Great Wall Adventure Club & Co. to offer international hikers the opportunity to view the marvels of the Great Wall of China. NACI also formed partnership with China's second largest online hotel and travel services to offer hotel reservation for world travelers to China. The Great Wall Adventure Club is now one of most well-known full-service travel agent to offer great packages of China tours. The Club is also the specialist of Beijing 2008 Olympics accommodation and tours. Visit to book your tour to China!


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